About the Library

Sail in the Ocean of Knowledge

An idea is a blend of knowledge and imagination. It does not spark from nothing. This is why we encourage students to read according to their own interests and delve into the topics they like. We also recommend books about different areas of study to them to broaden their horizons. Let us be the sailors and you be the passengers. Together we sail across the ocean of knowledge!

Students were buying their own books at a bookstore with teachers


Rules and Opening Hours

  1. Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 08:00-18:30
    (students will be asked to leave at 18:15)
  2. Students should keep quiet in the library.
  3. No eating or drinking is allowed.
  4. All library materials should be returned to their original positions after reading.
  5. All library materials must not be taken away without permission.
  6. An overdue charge will be imposed if a book is not returned by the due date.
  7. Students may borrow iPads from the library for learning purposes. Other purposes such as playing online games are strictly prohibited.
  8. Students should place their bags properly on the rack at the entrance.

Borrowing and returning library materials

    Borrowing Limit
    Time Limit for Borrowing
    F.1 to F.3
    5 items
    2 weeks,
    the loan item can be renewed once before the due date
    F.4 to F.6
    10 items
  1. Borrow:
  2. (a) Students should check out library materials at the counter with the date chop stamped indicating the due date.

    (b) Students must use his/her own student ID card to borrow library materials.

  3. Return:
  4. (a) All borrowed materials should be returned to the service counter and only after the material is received by the library staff should the borrower be allowed to leave.

    (b) An overdue charge will be imposed if a book is not returned by the due date. ($1 per item per day)

    (c) The borrower should inform the librarian immediately for any lost or damage of books and be responsible for the replacement costs.