Enhancement and Remedial Programmes

Develop the strengths, overcome the weaknesses

We believe that students’ potential will be developed to the fullest if we respect the differences in their aptitude and personality. To this end, we have designed and acquired different learning programmes to cope with students’ learning needs.

Gifted Education Fund: Off-school Advanced Learning Programmes

Title of Programme Programme Provider Participants Pre-requisite Admitted Students Result
Engaging with Urban History to Promote Deep Learning: Thinking, Seeing and Reading the Built Environment in Hong Kong and Beyond Department of History, The Chinese University of Hong Kong F.4 to F.5 Students Applicants should show interest in history, geography, environmental studies, etc. and is studying at least one elective subject related to the Personal, Social and Humanities Education Key Learning Area in schools. 4A Mak Hoi Ting Admitted
Nurturing Gifted Students to be Entrepreneurs: Solving Business Problems with STEM knowledge Department of Decision Sciences and Managerial Economics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong F.3 to F.4 Students Applicants should demonstrate excellent academic performance at school and possess interest in entrepreneurship, STEM-related disciplines and business. 4A Chan Nga Ying
4A Tang Tsz Yu
Multilingual Communication Training and Cross-cultural Communication Course for Future Leaders Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University F.1 to F.5 Students Applicants should have a good command of the English language. 4A Lin Oi Man
4B Chan Lady
Magseph Eusebio

Enhancement Programmes

Subject/ Area of Study Level Programme Objectives
Chinese Language F.1 & F.2 校園小記者班 學習中文寫作技巧,包括審題、主題確定、選材、文章架構、分段方法、語法及修辭
F.3 中文寫作班 學習不同描寫文技巧,如日常觀察人的方式、描寫人物的思維訓練、人物描寫技巧,以及人物描寫與主題之扣連
F.4 & F.5 中文提升班 學習閱讀卷的歸納段意的方式、長問答作答公式、文言文解釋方法、 比較題作答竅門;寫作及綜合的審題與應試技巧
English Language F.4 Applied Learning (Vocational English) Course To familiarize students with the general understanding of English usage in a wide variety of key industries like tourism and hospitality, aviation, healthcare, interior design, visual communications, culture, entertainment and media as well as commercial business in order to strengthen students’ academic potentials and broaden their horizons
Senior Forms English Enhancement Programme Taught by native English teachers, this programme allows students to interact with each other in an English-rich environment in order to further develop their reading, writing and listening skills
Mathematics Junior Forms Enhancement Course on Mathematical Olympiad To equip students with logical reasoning and advanced mathematical skills for the International Mathematical Olympiad, a renowned international competition for secondary students
STEM All Levels STEM Enhancement Programme To furnish students with opportunities to learn outside the classroom. Students will apply knowledge and skills across different STEM disciplines acquired from the programme in various inter-school programmes and competitions
Cross-curricular Learning F.1 KTS PhD Programme KTS PhD is a one-year cross-subject enhancement programme for F.1 students which encompasses various learning areas including linguistic skills, logical reasoning, collaboration skills, environmental protection and social affairs to help them start out as KowloonTongers preparedly

Remedial Programmes

Subject/ Area of Study Level Programme Objectives
Chinese Language F.4 中文寫作班 學習文憑試寫作卷的審題方法、內容立意、寫作技巧及結構組織
F.5 中文鞏固班 學習文憑試閱讀、寫作及綜合卷的基本作答技巧
大學達標班 寫作卷扣題技巧、 記敘文詳略安排、議論文立意方式、例子與論證運用
English Language F.4 Remedial Programme This programme aims to polish students’ reading, writing and listening skills in a progressive manner through constant practice
F.5 DSE Preparation Programme This programme centres on exam skills as well as other fundamental areas such as reading, writing and listening to get students prepared for the DSE
Mathematics All Levels Basic Principles in Mathematics To help students understand the basics in order to improve their performance